Genius Idol’s Strategy to Conquer the Entertainment Industry Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I still didn’t know why they made a handsome face genius, who just by looking at him would make your heart swell, perform to such a magical girl-type dance instead of a cool one.

After the training camp, someone uploaded a video of our practice on YouTube, and our high school’s name became a trending keyword associated with the original song title.

Because of my outstanding appearance, I received several casting offers while living quietly in an ordinary high school.

It was also the first time I fell for the stage.

Now, it didn’t mean much.

So, what I wanted to say was…

That I was confident I could dance better than anyone to this simple dance, which, in all fairness, was not difficult. I had a 90% understanding rate even though I didn’t do anything.

The music was randomly selected from the ones prepared by the production team, so I had no idea what would come out.

Anyway, this was the only dance I could do. No matter what comes out, I’ll have to dance.

As I put the microphone down on the floor and turned around as if to show something, I could clearly feel the anticipation from the audience.

I would happily repay that anticipation, although it might differ slightly from what they expected.

Without knowing anything, Lee Changyeon shouted out with excitement,

“Please play the music!”

Fortunately, the music that flowed was passionate and exciting EDM with a strong beat.

Listening to the music that went well with the dance, I was able to throw away the slightest hesitation that came from my introverted personality.


With a clear yell that could be considered the killing part of this song, I turned around, bent my arm, and straightened it, causing half of the trainees and mentors to flip out. The angle of my elbow was a work of art, even in my opinion.

I danced it with a little more strength and bounced to make it more impactful than the original.

However, I didn’t exaggerate it as if I was trying to be funny on purpose.

That’s what you would do in comedy shows, but I was an idol. An idol!

I just did my best to bring out the quirky, lively, and floundering haughtiness that was the core of this choreography.

When I finished waving my arms like a wave, the scene was in chaos.


“The dance line is crazy. Wow, I’m tearing up.”

My dance received a bigger response than any other outstanding and skillful stage so far. But it had one serious problem.

That is, the music and beat were completely off.

Of course, I could guarantee that almost no one heard the music when my dance ended.

Look at those poor guys who couldn’t concentrate on my fantastic dance.

“Trainee On Raon.”

Mook Hyeseong, the only one keeping a poker face amidst the laughter, called me in a low voice.

I knew this was coming.

“Your dance was off-beat, almost like art. Was your dance a joke?”

“Absolutely not.”

I had no choice but to ignore the beat of the music because I couldn’t give up the dance I had prepared.

Really, I had no choice.

I was the most sincere person here. Please believe me just once.

[With the effect of the trait Born to Be Pitiful, you look as pitiful as a wet puppy.]

Was there a way to control the effect of the trait?

The atmosphere on the scene became somber without me meaning it. Mook Hyeseong didn’t say anything more.


A moment later, the atmosphere was somehow restored or weakened, and Han Jihui asked in an intrigued tone.

“I don’t think we can call this freestyle… Did you prepare this dance beforehand, thinking that you’ll dance to this no matter what comes out?”

I expected it after seeing the mentor lineup, but it seemed there wasn’t a single celebrity I knew that was in this world.

I thought there would be no one in the entertainment industry who didn’t know this dance.


“Did you create the choreography yourself?”



I took a deep breath and put an iron plate on my face.

“It’s a dance that a mermaid who appeared in my dream last Christmas taught me.”


I deliberately spoke very seriously in front of the mentors who were questioning me with a “What nonsense is this?” expression.

“It’s absolutely, absolutely not a dance I made. I sprinkled water on the mermaid who had drifted onto the beach in my dream and sent her back to the sea, and the next day she came to find me and taught me this dance.”

“But mermaids… don’t have legs?”

“Of course, I borrowed it from a witch.”

I had to spout such nonsense so grandly because I, who didn’t know the character On Raon’s past, had no proper answer to give.

It wasn’t like I made the dance myself, so I couldn’t claim I did.

Remember this: There was always a complicated backstory to my nonsense. Do you think I wanted to spout nonsense?

I apologize to the nameless choreographer who had become a mermaid.

If I returned to reality, I wouldn’t forget this grace.

“Are you so ashamed of this dance that you want to deny it so seriously?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but I’m saying this ridiculous yet meaningful thing in front of the camera…”

I trailed off naturally.

It was not a big deal to dance like that. Why be embarrassed?

“That’s true.”

“It’s really ridiculous, but it makes sense…”

“It’s somewhat convincing…”

“I think that guy has a good head on his shoulders.”

“Yeah. Earlier, he picked out the perfect points for himself with the song.”

It was an excessive compliment for someone with an Intelligence of 11.

This was like player correction.

“Which mentor do you think you’ll end up with?”

“Respected Teacher Mook, please accept me!”

The trainees showed surprised reactions to my fearless appeal.

The mentors also seemed to be caught off guard since they had never seen a trainee be so bold toward Mook Hyeseong, who would overwhelmingly be ranked first as the scariest mentor by the trainees.

My guts were not much different from others, but I wasn’t the least, even a plankton’s worth, a bit scared of Mook Hyeseong.

Putting aside the fact that this was a game and that that person was an NPC who would play the role of the player’s helper.

[Mook Hyeseong is paying attention to you.

Affinity +1

Current Affinity +1]

It was because the affinity notifications like this had been popping up since I sang earlier.

I wondered if affinity could also appear in decimal units, but the system informed me that “decimal units of affinity are rounded down.”

As expected, Mook Hyeseong’s affinity change notifications so far had always been +0.

God Jena increased it by 10 in one go, but this guy had a tough exterior and was stingy with affinity, so it just went up to 1.

Anyway, I was aiming for a crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside relationship between a diligent teacher and a hardworking student.

As you all know, the narrative of a trainee lacking skill climbing up with the help of a mentor could work quite well.

I wondered what would happen if there was only the burnt crispiness without the moistness…

It’s just a game anyway; I might as well give it a shot.

There was no way I’ll die, right?

“Let us have a brief meeting.”

Jena said with a smile at my response.

The mentors put their heads together and discussed while tapping the table.

“Seems to have the basics, but not quite… seems to have charm, but not quite…”

“So, it’s not like he’s good enough for Hyeseong-sunbae…”

“His star quality and talent are definitely…”

“Judging by how he didn’t seem nervous at all, his mentality too…”

I couldn’t hear what they were saying since they put down the microphone connected to the speaker.

I was curious. Would it be broadcasted?

But I had a rough idea of the result.

With my current skills, it wouldn’t be strange for me to be placed in the class with Mook Hyeseong, who was at the bottom of the rankings.

I never said I wanted to go to a higher class, but since I openly declared that…

“Trainee On Raon, you have been chosen to receive Mook Hyeseong’s mentorship.”

“Thank you!”

“No, but seriously, why Hyeseong-oppa? Aren’t you scared?”

Jena asked sincerely, and as I was coming down from the stage, I stopped in my tracks and rolled my eyes.

“He’s my role model!”

[Jena finds her cute hoobae with potential charming.

Affinity +2

Current affinity +12]

[Mook Hyeseong is paying attention to you.

Affinity +0

Current affinity +1]

Hyung… Your affinity’s so weak…

I came down from the stage and attached an “M” sticker, which meant “Mook Hyeseong,” to my name tag.

Then, a staff member took me to a makeshift set for an interview.

The writer was waiting for me with the camera.

“How did you find Trainee Oh Hyeonjin’s stage earlier?”

“He was really good. He gave off the impression of a fully-prepared trainee.”

If I said something wrong here, it could be edited badly.

I pulled myself together and answered softly and obediently.

“Did you two know each other beforehand?”


I guess that’s why our affinity looked like that. I became embarrassed again, thinking about my failed affinity.

“So, do you consider Trainee Oh Hyeonjin as your rival?”

“I’m far too lacking to call him a rival. But can you tell me what Trainee Oh Hyeonjin said?”

Where were you trying to lead this conversation?

I smoothly shifted to a slightly different topic.

“It’s a secret.”

“Ah, I’m curious…”

I pretended to be curious even though I wasn’t.

“You did well. Just wait over there for a moment and return to your seat once West Music is finished.”

“Yes, thank you!”

I stood awkwardly beside Oh Hyeonjin in the narrow space, then returned to my seat.

That kid seemed to have something to say to me since earlier.

I didn’t dare to ask someone with an affinity of -36, so I just stayed quiet.

“Raon, your performance was amazing.”

When I returned, Seo Chanbin greeted me with both thumbs up.

Chanbin’s affinity had already surpassed 20.

What a generous guy.

He laughed the most when I was dancing earlier, and now it seemed like he would laugh just by looking at my face.

“Hyung-nim, just be honest.”

“Should I? You can just call me hyung, too.”

While we were chatting quietly, new trainees appeared on stage.

“Wow, it’s amazing. How can people look like that?”

“Right, it’s amazing.”

Seo Chanbin admired the trainees who had just come up, and I nodded in agreement.

If they looked handsome even to my eyes that have only seen my face for a lifetime, they must really be handsome.

“Hello, I’m Ban Yohan from Seed Entertainment.”

“I’m Seo Mungyeol.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Ban Yohan and Seo Mungyeol. Just by looking at their names and appearance, they weren’t the type to give minor roles to.

They would definitely make it and succeed.

Whether it’s manipulation or something else, from a meta-perspective, these guys had visuals that couldn’t be wasted on unimportant, short-lived characters.

Gentle brown-haired Ban Yohan had a round, innocent deer-like appearance, and his kind smile and aegyo would undoubtedly make fans fall for him in the future.

On the other hand, Seo Mungyeol had sharp eyes and a chiseled jawline, which made him look like a sculpture and somewhat delicate, as well as a gorgeous foreign beauty with three-dimensional facial features.

Only people like them should be told they were photogenic, not someone like me, who was not that good-looking.

And once again, I wanted to remind them that my original face was slightly exaggerated and more handsome than the combination of those two.

Give me back my face…

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Private: Genius Idol’s Strategy to Conquer the Entertainment Industry

Private: Genius Idol’s Strategy to Conquer the Entertainment Industry

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Every thousand years, a trainee hailed as a "face genius" for his unparalleled beauty appears, On Haje. After rejecting a sponsor's proposal and losing his debut chance, he vowed never to step into the entertainment industry again. That is, until he finds himself reincarnated into an idol development game. Now, he has to rediscover his hidden talent and grow as an idol, deal with an uncooperative system, and uncover the past of the character he's reincarnated as. Despite starting with no money, no home, and no knowledge, he struggles his way through it all… "This is a big deal. It's actually fun." Whatever happens, he keeps moving forward, taking on challenges, and strategizing. This is the conquest of the entertainment industry by the genius idol, On Raon. #Thought_He_Was_Just_A_Pretty_Face #Turns_Out_He_Is_A_Multitalented_Genius_Idol
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