Leveling Up!

Annyeonghaseyo, you K-drama-loving, chapter-devouring super fans! First off, let me just say: daebak! Our commission system has blasted off to the cosmos, and it’s all thanks to your idol-worthy fandom. It’s like you’ve harnessed the energy of a K-pop concert crowd! A special shoutout to our lead fans – Jaynne, Trughart, Rhavaniel, Aimless, Voo, and Soah – you’re the BTS of this story.

Now, hold on to your lightsticks, because here’s the plot twist – you’ve been so fabulous, so turbo-charged, so saranghae-for-more, we’re hustling to keep our reserve of translated chapters flowing! It’s like we’re the latest K-drama and you’re binge-watching at 3AM. We love it!

So, here’s the new choreo – we’re tuning up the beat and raising the price of commissions for The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol. But don’t view it as a show-ender. Instead, it’s like the debut of a comeback track! It just proves how high-quality and sought-after these translated chapters are, and it allows us to keep dishing out the content you adore.

So, let’s hold up our fan signs and wave our lightsticks to this thrilling plot twist! This isn’t just a price change, it’s an upgrade, a comeback, a testament to our shared success. You’re not just fans, you’re co-producers in this spicy, catchy, unpredictable K-pop journey of Hoyun and The Dawn. Let’s keep the rhythm going and create more hallyu magic together! Gomawo, you superstars!


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Hey, awesome people! Your patience and love for our content have not gone unnoticed, and we are here with some cracking updates for you. Hope you’ve got your reading glasses…

Update (Nov 25): Happy holidays, dear readers! I know, I know, we’ve been a bit like those unpredictable TV series, popping up with a couple of chapters and then vanishing…



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